Aurimas Liekis, Gitana Tolutienė


The theoretical analysis has shown that there is a lack of scientific literature and empirical research in the analysis of possibilities of andragogical leadership expression in the educational aspect, therefore the article discusses the problematic question: how does the andragogical leadership in educational activity manifest? The article reveals and appreciates the importance of andragogical leadership in the educational process (qualitative research) and the importance of andragogical leadership in the process (quantitave study). The significance of the researh is revealed in the use of it’s results in order to improve the performance of andragogue leader in the educational process and the expression of the characteristics of the andragogue leader. The article emphasizes that andragogical leadership is an important factor in educational activities, in andragogue has a positive influence on learners with their personal qualities, personal knowledge and competences, and encourages them to act to achieve their goals. The importance and influence of andragogical leadership the learners group is undiniable, evident in constant communication. Learners not only gain more knowledge, but also focus on the community, reducing their social exclusion and promoting cooperation. The research has revealed that there are a number of important types, characteristics and traits of andragogue leaders from the point of view of adult learners and andragogues, which are not sufficient for andragogue leaders. Therefore the article provides recommendations for the development and potential implementation of these andragogical leadership characteristics.

KEY WORDS: andragog, leader, leadership, informal leadership, informal leader, shared leadership, educational process, adult learner.


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