Narrative Perspective of School Social Pedagogue’s SUPPORT FOR Social Risk Children: One Child’s Story “One out of Five”

Milda Ratkevičienė


Social pedagogue’s assistance to social risk children is a relevant, complex and difficult topic. Social pedagogue is one of the key figures in country’s schools in terms of ensuring social equality, social integration, socialisation or simply the provision of social pedagogical assistance in the education process. However, currently there is not enough of a deeper understanding about the entire notion of school social pedagogue’s assistance to social risk children: how and in which situations it takes place, how it is organised and what is the role of a social pedagogue as well as which specific activities are carried out. Even though social pedagogical assistance itself is regulated in the legislation, there is still a prevailing lack of the actual situational and in-depth analysis that would reveal the entire process of social pedagogical assistance, allow to have a better look at it and through understanding it, enable the improvement of the situation. In this article, assistance provided by school social pedagogue to social risk children is analysed through narrative approach. In this article is represented one social pedagogues (Sigita) narrative about her assistance to social risk child Rytis. Sigita’s narrative is analysed on the following logic: description (narratives themselves, based on stories told by respondents during interviews, divided into smaller units), interpretation (personal insights about the narratives provided, personal approach, reflections based on memories) and explanation (objective analysis of a narrative provided in the description (or a part of it), based on scientific literature).

KEY WORDS: assistance, social pedagogue, social risk child, narrative.


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