A proposal for inquiry of network and challenge-based learning in social work education

Irena Dychawy Rosner, Mats Högström


Today’s welfare system faces a variety of social challenges in terms of social vulnerability, inequality and the presence of segregated and parallel societies. Within this complexity, the professional practitioner meets opportunities for action, institutional frameworks, and the role of higher education as a future social innovator. The objective of this paper is to suggest an inquiry concerning how social work students form their conception on the complexity of every-day social work practice and professional expertise. The focus is to investigate social work students’ process and formation of knowledge regarding challenge based learning (CBL). Methodologically the examination will be based on multi-method data triangulation design. In conclusion this paper suggests the use of socio-ecological and social learning theory to develop more dynamic teaching models to enhance the understanding of the challenging pathways linking social structures in development of students’ professional self.

KEY WORDS: higher education, collaboration, health and welfare services, social pedagogy and social work

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/tbb.v79i2.1776

Full Text: PDF


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