Kūrybos visuomenės politikos modelio įgyvendinimo diskursas

Aurimas Venckūnas


Aim of research is to make the model of implementation of creative society policy, showing the empirical process of public policy in Lithuania. The main method of research is a long-term (longitudinal) analysis of documents (performed in 2011–2015). Results are the model of implementation of creative society policy (the model shows how this policy can be formed and implemented in a separate country). Moreover, the following directions (determined during the preparation of the state development strategy) of formation of this policy in Lithuania were revealed: active society; solidary society; learning society. Furthermore, the following directions of implementation of this policy (through the state development strategy) in Lithuania were revealed: “quick wins” (commitment of the Government to take 10 important actions every year); systemic implementation of this strategy (through the system of strategic planning documents; as well, it is essential to have the proper institution, with the necessary powers to control the preparation and implementation of strategies in all levels); direct involvement of communities and non-governmental organizations.KEYWORDS: creative society, contemporary society, model, policy, public policy process.

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