Characteristics of communicative BEHAVIOUR of students obtaining different PROFESSIONS

Yulia Tovstokorya


This article is about the empirical research of the relationship between the components of communicative behaviour of young people. Article describes the basic components of communicative behaviour: communicative tolerance, social communicative competence, perceptual-interactive competence. These components make it possible to investigate holistically and comprehensively communicative behaviour of a person, as well as to build a correctional program for effective social dialogue construction. We describe the procedure and statistical methods to research communicative behaviour components. Analysis of relationships between components shows that the communicative behaviour of a person is build up through various systems of relationships between its components. Based on this, we found that components of communicative behaviour were dependent on characteristics of the educational environment (of such specializations as: humanitarian, technical, military). The revealed features of communicative behaviour can be used to resolve problems of discrimination, both within the student group and beyond.KEY WORDS: mutual perception, mutual influence, communicative behavior, communicative tolerance, communicative social competence, socially perceptive competence, social adaptation.

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