Renata Rudienė, Vida Volkovickienė, Tomas Butvilas


The whole idea of this paper spins mainly about one of the main aspects within early child’s education – creativity and its meaning to a child’s psychosocial development. The presented findings rely on the methodological approach supported by Reggio Emilia philosophy. Creativity education, especially based on Reggio Emilia point of view, starts from the very young age and therefore kindergartens as well as families play much significant role to support and develop creativity roots in child’s everyday routine. It is stressed that being creative is more like being initiative and innovative – the features that are mainly required by contemporary society. Also this paper is illustrated with real-life pictures from the activities in the kindergarten “Lazdynėlis”, so it becomes much clearer for those who are interested in this topic to understand how kindergarten daily life may sustain, develop and so enhance creativity of children using many different approaches, e.g. through the game-led tools, teachers’ attitudes etc.

KEY WORDS: children, creativity, early child’s education, and Reggio Emilia educational philosophy.


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