Asta Budreikaitė, Vytė Kontautienė


The research aim – to reveal adolescents’ (12 – 14 year old) attitude on fair play in sport. Research methods: analysis of relevant scientific research, a questionnaire, statistical analysis. Adolescents’ (12 – 14 year old) from Klaipeda and Plunge participated in the research. They were selected accordingly to incidental convenient selection method. The results of the research revealed adolescents (12 – 14 years old) attitude to situations in sports. Adolescents’ showed their attitude towards sports fight, which is admired by almost half (47.1%) of the subjects. Players’ sporting spirit, determination, following the rules is important for them. More than one third of the subjects (35.1%) find the result of a competition more important, despite the way it is obtained. During the research it was found out that the expression of positive emotions after winning a competition was especially strong. Adolescents’ comprehension of fairness is not, however, stabile, as well as the expression of fair play in sport. Adolescents’ often choose a fair play game and the suggested situation (football during, the physical education lesson, et al.) in sport. The attitude towards fair and honest play in sport and value system are in their developing stage during adolescence. Therefore, adolescents’ fair and honest play should be started to develop with the help of educational integrated programmes of Olympic development.

KEYWORDS: attitude, fair play, adolescents’, situation in sport.

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