Skaistė Kovienė


Education of a child begins in the family, and a pre-school institution helps to educate, expands his/ her social experience, provides conditions to learn to live inside a small community of children. In institutions of pre-school education, pedagogues provide qualified pedagogical psychological support to parents. Collaboration of pedagogues and parents helps to strive for the same aim, brings all participants of education closer. Only reciprocal trust between education institution and family as well as their collaboration ensure successful formation of a child’s personality.  The aim of the research is to reveal how education of parents proceeds in a pre-school institution, how education of parents could be improved.Aiming to identify the concept of parents, what education of parents means, to identify the forms of its implementation in pre-school education institutions and how it could be improved, the following research methods have been applied:Review of scientific literature (to reveal the theoretical context);Standardised interview (to collect data of the empirical research);Content analysis of empirical data.The article consists of two parts. The first part defines the concept of education of parents and discusses possibilities for involvement of parents in education of children and its significance in development of child’s personality. The second part presents the research methods and organisation and introduces results of the qualitative research. On the ground of the empirical research, the article identifies the concept of parents, what education of parents is, what forms are used to implement it in pre-school education institutions attended by their children, possibilities to improve education of parents. The article is finalised with conclusions.Key words: education of parents, involvement of parents, forms of education of parents, child’s personality, education of children, institution of pre-school education.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/andragogy.v8i0.1723

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