Tomas Lenkauskas, Jolanta Janutėnienė


Examination of the seabed in the waterfront of the port and under the major sea–lanes is very important in the ever expanding port ofKlaipeda. Observations of the seabed with sonar equipment are useful for archaeologists, geologists and oceanologs in looking forsank ships and larger objects lost from ships, seabed pattern and its changing. Image quality obtained using side scan sonars arestrongly influenced by the sonar tow consistency. Even small sonar disturbances caused by mechanical disturbances can greatlyaffect the extracted sonar images quality. To eliminate this problem, mechatronic and software solutions suited for efficient work inever changing environment of Baltic Sea are being developed. Vessel motion measurement system have been designed. System successfullymade the experimental measurements and tested system prototype.

KEY WORDS: the harbor bottom surveys, sonar, image processing.

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