Vytautas Barzdaitis, Pranas Pranas Mažeika, Marius Vasylius, Artūras Tadžijevas, Valentinas Kartašovas


Theory and experiment – based diagnostic research of industrial machines is widely conducted by researchers and scientists of Lithuanianand foreign universities as well as scientific research institutes complying with measured parameters of vibrations, caused byrunning machines. Researchers focus on assessment of technical condition of the industrial machines themselves, diagnostic of defects,and implementation of preventive measures for unexpected breakdowns. However, a majority of conducted diagnostic researchis related to machinery, mounted onshore, having a solid and rigid foundation structure, which does not cause any issues, pertainingto vibration damping, and decrease in level of vibration or vibration interference. As revealed by the practical experimental research,conducted by the scientists of this group in the sea – going vessels, vibration diagnostic research is far more complicated andcomplex, as majority of various ship machinery is mounted on the same foundation structure. For this reason, the aim of the presentresearch is to design a smart acceleration transducers signal identification algorithm intended for mechanical vibrations, which wouldallows to use of acceleration transducers in monitoring systems of rotor machines, having a common foundation structure.Experimental research carried out on a marine transport under actual working conditions using modern vibration research equipmentand analyzing research data using specialized software. Acquired experience will be used during a course of studies as well as infuture continuing with the initiated research. The designed algorithm for mechanical vibration signal identification will be installed insmart monitoring equipment, which, with the help of IT and electronic engineers, will be developed having received an additional orparallel financing. Research data will also be used to design systemsof combined damping.

KEY WORDS: rotor dynamics, diagnostics, vertical rotors, rotor systems with shared foundation.

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