Конкурс баянистов-аккордеонистов «Perpetuum mobile» в социокультурном пространстве Украины XXI века

Аndriy Dushnyy


Evolutionary processes in Ukrainian folk-instrumental art have yielded significant results for such phenomenon transformations in the Academic School of Ukrainian Folk Instruments. One of the ways to improve such performances are folk music competitions and festivals, as an important means of musical art further progress, significant incentive for artists, as well as for educators and composers. The article reveals the priorities of Drohobych bayan-accordion International Competition «Perpetuum mobile» in the context of popularization of Academic School of Ukrainian Folk Instruments for the contemporary socio-cultural life, such as scientific and methodic conferences, master-classes, demonstration lessons, lectures, creative meetings, concerts, presentations.

Key words: «Perpetuum mobile», Drohobych, competition, bayan-accordion, performance.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/td.v13i0.1709

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