Amerikos lietuvių tradicinio smuikininko Dovydo Pivoriūno etninė muzikinė ir kultūrinė tapatybė: nuo gimtojo senelių krašto iki „BalticUS“



In this article is investigated ethnic musical and cultural identity of Dovydas Pivoriūnas, a third generation traditional fiddler of Lithuanian and Italian descent. He perceives it as (re-)creatable, connecting own primordial heritage with the ethnocultural knowledge and values discovered and chosen by himself (in the direction from USA to Lithuania and backwards). He pursues to (re-)create his ethnocultural identity as completed as possible and is feeling solid, very self and native, when is involved in the ethnic activities with members of one nationality, especially when is being in the native land of his grandparents. The core of Dovydasʼ ethnic musical identity is fiddle, hammered dulcimer and traditional dance music making. As Lithuanian community became dispersed, in 2005 Dovydas with his wife started consolidating them with Latvians and Estonians and founded a joint traditional music group “Baltic US”.

Key words: Lithuanian-ness in the USA today, ethnic musical and cultural identity, traditional instrumental music making, Baltic dance music groups.



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