Музыкальные формы плачевой культуры в фольклорных традициях Северо-Запада России

Inga Korolkova


Russian ethnomusicologist Inga Korolkova (Инга Королькова) compares the calendar folklore mourning forms and the musical texts from the Novgorod region in her article. As research objects there are the special non-verbal vocalizations (‘aukaniya’), the songs addressed to such ritual characters as Maslenitsa and Dudar, the rural versions of the Easter troparion “Christ is Risen”. The author suggests that the Novgorod tradition preserved folklore texts that are syncretic in their intonational origins. The melodic formula of the Novgorod lamentations can be attributed as the universal, reflecting the specifics of the early type of musical language.

Key words: lamentations, the culture of crying, Novgorod region, comparative studies.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/td.v13i0.1700

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