Рудименты волочебной обрядности на западно-украинском Полесье

Yuriy Rybak


Ukrainian ethnomusicologist Yuriy Rybak (Юрiй Рибак) states in this article, that the spring tunes of the Volyn region northern regions (Ukraine) are investigated in their hypothetical affiliation in the distant past to the custom of the Paschal “Volochebnyctvo” (presenting the godson) existing to this day. Two main song types with varieties are defined, and also they are analyzed in the spatial section and involutive modifications of the musical form.

Key words: “volochebne” rite, spring genre cycle, western Ukrainian Polissya, Upper Pripyat Lowland, song types, area.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/td.v13i0.1697

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