Балто-славянские фольклорные древности: свадебные дразнилки

Larisa Belogurova


he article by Russian ethnomusicologist Larisa Belogurova (Лариса Белогурова) is devoted to a special genre of wedding ceremonial songs of the Smolensk region – teasers (draznilki) with which the parties of the bride and groom exchange throughout the ritual. Author analyzes the poetics of such songs, their ritual attachment, the specifics of timbre-intonation and polyphonic implementation. The plot structure allows to define the significant similarities of this group of songs with wedding sutartinės from northeastern Lithuania, despite the obvious differences in their musical organization.

Key words: Smolensk region, wedding ritual, ritual songs, ritual abuse, musical-poetic agon, Balto-Slavic community.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/td.v13i0.1694

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