К истории создания этномузыкологических центров в ХХ веке

ЛIНА ДобрянсЬка


Ukrainian ethnomusicologist Lina Dobrianska (Лiна Добрянська) collected rich information concerning rise of institutional scientific centres on ethnomusicology in Europe and in Soviet space during the 20th C. She emphasizes, that rapid development of music folklore studies in the 20th C. was caused by epochal invention of sound recording technology as well as moving to well-organized research ethnomusicological centres. Most of them were maintaining sound recording archives. The history of founding important research centres in Moscow, Leningrad, Kyiv and Lviv in European tendencies institutionalization of ethnology is outlined in the article including departments at High music schools.

Key words: department of folk music, phonogram archive, high music school.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/td.v12i0.1552

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