Песенная культура Северного Подляшья как маргинальной украинской этнической территории



Ukrainian ethnomusicologist Larysa Lukashenko (Лариса Валентинiвна Лукашенко) deals with traditional folk songs peculiarities from native Ukrainian people, living in marginal Northern Pidlyashshya (Ukr. – Пiдляшшя; Rus. – Подляшье; Pol. – Podlasze) ethnic region, Poland, in presented here article. Typical folk songs genres, melodic types are reflected here together with real mapping panorama of ritual folk songs from those localities. Special methodology for investigations of marginal and transition ethnic regions presented by East Slavonic ethnomusicologists is used for research works in actual cross-border ethno-dialect zones.Key words: Northern Pidlyashshya, marginal zone, melodialect area, transient zone, repertoire, genres, stylistic features, mapping.

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