Свадебные тирады со стихом 5+3 на Правобережной Черкащине



Ukrainian ethnomusicologist Halyna Pshenichkina (Галина Пшенічкіна) is interested into the variety of melodic forms from regional wedding songs. The 8 syllables (5+3) melodic form called as tirades (тирады) in Ukrainian ethnomusicology are investigated by her in this article. Such form is the second in the row of the most popular melodic forms of all Ukrainian wedding songs. The object of actual research sources is local tradition of Right-Bank Cherkasy region wedding songs. She notices the stability in general features of ritual-functional, rhythm-compositional and modal characteristics of actual melodic form in one hand, and the reflections of its unique specific local peculiarities in another hand. This way a number of standard 8 syllables (5+3) tirades melodic form examples together with various this form complications, transformations (extensions, add-ons, contaminations), and other unconventional rhythmo-melodic solutions known in the melodic lines of Right-Bank Cherkasy region wedding songs are presented and investigated in the article.

Key words: Ukrainian folklore, wedding songs, tirades, Right-Bank Cherkasy region, melo-type, melo-structure block, contamination.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/td.v12i0.1543

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