Ритмика свадебных напевов северо-востока Украины (мелогеографический аспект)



The article by Ukrainian ethnomusicologist Olena Honcharenko (Олена Гончаренко) is devoted to the study of dialect styles in the areas of cultural borderland. On the base of the melogeographical and rhythmic-typological analysis of traditional wedding ceremonial tunes dialectal zoning of territory was produced (north-east of Ukraine, Sumy region). A number of methodological approaches to the geographic study of local singing traditions in the conditions of interaction regions styles were identified.

Keywords: melogeography, rhythmic typology, rhythmic style, dialect meloareal, wedding tune, frontier area, northeast of Ukraine, Sivershchyna region, Sumy region.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/td.v12i0.1542

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