Украинские кумулятивные песни: к вопросу о межжанровых и межэтнических параллелях



The article by Ukrainian ethnomusicologist Anna Kolomytseva (Анна Коломицева) considered the specifics of plots and the structural features of Ukrainian cumulative form songs in inter-ethnic context. It was revealed that their composition is close to the form of cumulative (formulaic) tales. In the Ukrainian tradition songs of cumulative form belong to the not ritual children repertoire and in some cases – though common themes and features form – showing the features of syncretic unity with some tales. Currently, these songs continue to actively prevail, while maintaining the original shape, however, in some cases, filled with new vocabulary and thereby changing the functional orientation.

Key words: Ukrainian folk music, cumulative song, cumulative tale, story, song form, refrain, children’s songs, a great circular form.


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