Vida Palubinskienė


Collecting and research of ethnic instrumental music in Lithuania started in the middle 19th century. The present article is devoted to analysing knowledge related to 20th-century folk musicians, the music they played and the instruments they used that we gained in the regions of Skuodas during the 1st ethnic instrumental expedition in 1987. The article is devoted to analysis of a phenomenon that is on the brink of extinction and participants involved in this phenomenon who are still alive. The most famous folk artist and kanklės players of this edge Pranas Dargis is remembered. The author conducted interviewing of 36 informants, being violin (11) players, the remaining musicians involved in playing bellows (19), wind instruments and other instruments. Three major types of instrumental ensembles used to exist in regions Skuodas: string ensembles, brass bands and mixed ensembles.In the region analysed here, traditions of ethnic instrumental music-making almost became extinct during the second half of the 20th century and were barely alive at the end of the century. KEY WORDS: ethnic instrumental music-making, ethnic music, folk musicians, traditional ensembles, violin, folk accordion, brass bands, ethnic and international repertoire.

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