Sutuoktinių tarpusavio santykių vaizdavimo ypatumai Motiejaus Valančiaus didaktinėje prozoje

Skaistė Barkutė


Motiejus Valančius paid attention to the depiction of the relationship between a man and a woman (husband and wife) in his didactic creative work. The main aim of the Bishop of Samogitia was to educate people in the spirit of religion and morality. In Valančius‘ opinion, a good relationship between spouses is determined by equality between a man and a woman, cooperation, and equal responsibility for the children‘s upbringing. For this reason, the compatibility of social-caste, cultural and religious features between both spouses is important. The report reveals how Valančius created didactic precepts in order to create a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman.

KEY WORDS. Motiejus Valančius, didactic writings, marital relationship, equality, abstinence.


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