Dalia Pakalniškienė


The article presents an analysis of the derivational system of one group of verbs attested to in the old Lithuanian text ‚Ziwatas‘ (1759), in particular denominative verbs derived from adjectives and nouns. The verbs analysed belong to factitive, ornative, fientive, stative, instrumental, similative and participative word formation categories. The centre of the denominative derivational type is comprised of desubstantives (51% in total) and deadjectives (42%), while derivatives from other parts of speech stand on the periphery of this type. The prototypical derivational types of denominatives are deadjectival verbs with the suffix -inti, and desubstantives with the suffixes -avoti and -yti, both belonging to the factitive category.

KEY WORDS: verbs, denominatives, derivational category, derivational type, suffix.
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/rh.v26i0.2044

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