Jūratė Lubienė, Dalia Pakalniškienė


According to the semasiological aspect the names of Head Domain used by North Samogitians comprise a numerous subgroup of the thematic group of somatonyms, as on the basis of written resources and live spoken samples approximately 300 invariant lexemes of the mentioned semantics have been identified. The onomasiological research of the North Samogitian Head Domain thematic subgroup somatonyms, considering them as the results of the nomination process, i. e. the so called nominathemes, allowed us to establish a diversity of the characteristic nomination types, kinds, modes, and means, alongside with the distinguished dominant elements. Within the nomination system of the researched somatonyms the most productive two motivated nomination kinds have been identified, such as: affixational and semantic. The systematic analysis of the nomination types, modes, and means makes it possible to differentiate particular conceptualized (both cognitive and axiological) features of human body parts, as well as to draw their hierarchical categorization within the traditional (‘naïve’) world conception.

KEY WORDS: Northern Samogitians, somatonyms, nomination, motivation, word formation, nominatheme, suffixation, paradigmation, composition, collocation.

doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.15181/rh.v24i0.1905

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