Katalikų Bažnyčios mokymas apie Dievo Motiną Mariją

Arvydas Ramonas


The article analyzes the teachings of the Catholic Church about the Mother of God of Mary. Such teaching is basically based on four dogmas about Virgin Mary: The Mother of God, The Virgin, The Immaculate Conception and The Assumption. The doctrine of the Catholic Church is distinguished from other Christian denominations by the fact that it has a unified and rather precise teaching not only about Mary, but also about other things of faith and morals in general. The person of Mary is examined in the light of the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, Tradition and Magisterium. This is important to emphasize that the main four dogmas have been formed over the centuries, based on the beliefs of the faithful (sensus fidei), approved by the universal assembly of the Church and by the popes solemnly proclaimed ex cathedra, as probable truths that are obligatory for all Catholics.

KEY WORDS: Mary, The Mother of God, The Virgin, The Immaculate Conception, The Assumption, The Council of Vatican II.


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