Prūsijos lietuvių giesmynų sąsajos su vietinių vokiečių vartojamomis publikacijomis iki 1750 metų

Guido Michelini


The article analyzes the links between the hymnals of Prussian Lithuanians (M. Mažvydas, B. Vilentas, A. F. Šimelpenigis and others) and local German publications until 1750. It is assumed that the Prussian Lithuanians prepared their official hymns by using books relied on indigenous Germans. The main conclusion was that Prussia and all diferent national groups had a common treasure of hymns, which could be freely adjusted and supplemented.

KEY WORDS: Reformation, Martynas Mažvydas, the hymnals, Prussian Lithuanians.


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