Olena Kryzhko


The article deals with the peculiarities of the concept of motivation in word formative, nominative, linguacognitive aspects, as well as a general understanding of motivation in connection with the doctrine of the process of semiosis and the internal form of the word. In particular, the motivation in the derivational aspect is understood as the process of formation of the semantic and formal connection of the derived word with the formative one within the sign code of the language system, in the nominative – the formal and semantic connection between words as signs (expression and content plans), realized in the formation of words; in linguacognitive – the establishment of a semantic and formal dependence between the motivator and the derivative by a nominative unit (a motivated sign) based on the connections of different components of the knowledge structure about what is meant in the ethnic consciousness.KEY WORDS: motivation, motivational meaning, word forming, nominative, linguacognitive aspects, internal form of a word, semioisis.

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