Idiosyncratic Variations within the Metadiscursive Matrix of Modern Public Verbal Interaction

Liolita Bernotienė


In order to be distinguished from the conventional verbal interactional context deliberate violations of the metadiscursive matrix are employed: 1) the informal register instead of the formal; 2) gradable adjectives and superlatives violate the expectation of objectivity and accuracy; 3) the self-conscious pragmatic-rhetoric strategies; 4) ample use of vulgarisms and offensive addresses; 5) a diversity of rhetoric means. These idiosyncratic variations function as the strategy of identification with the audience, and the effects achieved are as follows: 1) gaining attention; 2) distinguishing oneself from the context of similar speakers; 3) gaining and demonstrating power; 4) suspense; 5) convincing and persuasion for taking action.

KEY WORDS: intertextuality, metadiscursive matrix, emotive-appellative discourse function, violation of metadiscursive expectation, idiosyncratic deviations.


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