Куршские фибулы предорденского времени в ареале пруссов

Vladimir Ivanovich Kulakov


One of the most important indicators of contacts between the specified related westbaltic tribes – finds of those types of brooches which have steady ethno-cultural coloring. As a result of studying of distribution of a row the brooches of Curonians in the earth of pruss was succeeded to establish that degree of the international contacts in the southeast Baltic before arrival of the Award was high. Earlier was considered that has begun Prussian-Curonians contacts treats not earlier than the 12th century. As the brooches of Curonians in a Prussian area shows the analysis, Prussian-Curonians contacts have begun no later than the X century and in the 11th century, after hypothetical destruction by Danes of the settlement of Kaup were rather intensive. This conclusion is confirmed, including, existence on Prussian burial grounds of this time the burials (on a ceremony and on types of things) of Curonians.

Key words: Prussian-Curonians contacts, brooches.


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