Ar gali kelionės dviračiais paskatinti regionų plėtrą?

Marija Kučinskienė, Aida Mačerinskienė


For twenty years, as soon as the talking about the possibilities brought in by cycles and attractiveness of the cycling related activities had started, the party of skeptics immediately appears arguing that absence of good bicycle paths means absence of bicyclists per se. Or, on the opposite – as long as the cycling mainstream is weak there is no need for paths. Therefore this dilemma goes on for more than 20 years in Lithuania, thus at least one generation in the country has lost its chance to appreciate the joy of full-scale cycling. On the other hand maybe we shouldn’t have to complain thoroughly, as fragmented cycling trails are constantly being fitted. But how the fragmentation and mostly unplanned trail scattering may be associated with regions remains unclear. Even more specific question – can trips on bicycles lead to more integrated regionalization and who are those using cycling paths in the future – the authors try to answer in this article.

KEYWORDS: travelling with bicycle, bicycle tourism, cycle routes, tourism business.

JEL CODES: L830, L840


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