Ligita Šimanskienė


As always, we present a variety of research in the journal, so readers have the chance to choose what they read. Some articles analyse problems in implementing different standards. This is the effect of A. Ripkauskaitė’s implementation of ‘green management’ standards on an organisation. Ž. Drabavičius and R. Čiegis examine the implementation of the principles of sustainability. M. Maminski analyses human rights in Polish law. Issues of an organisation’s activities are analysed in several articles: V. Tauraitė writes on reinsurance activities; T.Q. Dinh and H. Hilmarsson conduct an analysis of Japanese family businesses; socially responsible consumption is discussed by J. Paužuolienė and I. Pikturnaitė; V. Ramašauskienė analyses the value compatibility of employees and an organisation; and the article by D.Verkulevičiūtė-Kriukienė and G.Skripkauskaitė discusses the change of population systems in the east Baltic States. There are also some educational topics in this issue: V. Miliauskaitė-Mencė and A. Norvilienė research cases of family education in Šilutė; N. Strazdienė, A. Norvilienė and L. Eirošė analyse the creation of a learning environment that is favourable to children’s health; L. Žukauskienė and A. Macijauskienė research leadership in school; and V. Trumpickaitė and E. Spiriajevas research youth employment issues. The diversity of the research should be of interest to the research community. Enjoy your autumn reading. 

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