Ligita Šimanskienė


Spring heat did not reduce the scientists’ willingness to publish their research. We can re-distinguish several important research ideas. The aspects of communication revealed in several directions: in the assessment of managerial competences in R. Paulienė, V. Tamaševičius article, in the article of A. Giedaitis, E. Ribačonka were discussed inter-organizational relations and elimination of internal communication barriers were discussed in J. Paužuolienė, A. Januškaitė article, when D. Štefenberga discussed the influence of co-operation factors on regional development, and I. Boručinska revealed issues of youth involvement in civic participation in the South Baltic region. The economic issues are also forgotten R. Čiegis, A. Dilius continues research to identify income inequality problems, K. Čipane, B. Sloka, S. Volvenkins analyze shopping online methods, while E. Dundure, B. Sloka touches on a new topic on mediation between banks and insurance companies, in the meantime, I. Pawlas analyzed economic activity in peripheral regions. Still there are a couple of articles with an ongoing relevance to sustainability. These are the green technology development article by A. Šneiderienė, H. Ruginė and Ž. Drabavičius paper about implementation of sustainability principles in enterprises. Enjoy your readings.

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