Piotr Zientarski


The territorial government election held in 2018 had significant influence not only on the current situation in Poland but also on the functioning of the country on the international scene. This event was very important for building the future political situation in Poland and it was a kind of prediction before the European Parliament election, the Polish Parliament election and before the Presidential election which are coming in the following years. The results of this election showed not only what can happen but also how Poland may function in the international environment – the Polish cooperation with other countries in the region and Poland’s functioning in the European Union. The subject of this research is to analyse the territorial government election in Poland in 2018 and to show what kind of changes were done in the Polish electoral law. Also, there are some indications presented how the role of local government should be shaped in the near future. The paper is also discussing some issues related with the way how Poland will function in the future with the focus on international cooperation, especially the cooperation with neighbouring countries and the European Union. The method which was used in this study is the observation method and the analysis of the situation in Poland as well as the analysis of changes in the electoral law in Poland. The aim of this paper is to show what changes should take place in the near future in the role and shape of territorial governments in Poland on different levels seeking to improve the functioning of these very important bodies of the political system in Poland.

KEYWORDS: elections 2018, commune, local self-government, Senate.

JEL CODES: K 16, Z 18.


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