Ligita Šimanskienė


pring winds encourage the rebirth of nature, and the journal is full of new scientific articles. Much attention has been paid to communication and the use of electronic platforms. The article by R. Vaičiulė analyses the use of Facebook, K. Krauze and B. Sloka analyse the content of web pages, the article by S. Volenkins, B. Sloka and K. Čipane investigate Internet commerce, whereas J. Jiang and A. Kontauts examine the influence of social media on civic participation. The issues of youth policy are presented in the article by K. Gomolka, meanwhile the organizational culture of educational institutions is studied in A. Giedaitis and A. Ispiryan’s article, followed by T. Titova’s insights on intellectual capital. The article by S. Statneckytė and J. Dvorak analyses the reform of the Lithuanian public service. The article by P. Zientarski is also devoted to public administration issues and assesses the results of the election for local authorities. The journal also provides articles for readers interested in economic issues. For example, R. Čiegis, L. Diliuvienė and A. Dilius analyse the effect of income inequality on economic growth, whereas S. A. Vasina and B. Sloka highlight income inequality issues from different gender aspects. Finally, N. Novozhilova and M. Pliss present insurance market in Latvia, and V. Valiulė together with A. Zonienė evaluate sustainable investment.

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