Maria Plotnikova


The presence of imbalances and asymmetries of the rural development form the need of harmonious development directions of the village that led to the choice of a researched topic. The aim of this work is to find and study areas and mechanisms for the orderly development of rural areas based on the principles of formation food and economic security, organic farming, and waste-free life and bio-adequate approaches in growing up and education. The study covers the period from 1991 to 2014. Evaluation of the results was based on sociometric and statistical methods. Theoretical and methodological basis of research was grounded on system-synergetic approach to the study and modelling of socio-economic processes. It was formed a model of dynamic ecological social and economic settlement system capable of self-sufficiency. Specificity of the organization and functioning of the environmental settlements in terms of global challenges was identified.KEY WORDS: investments, innovations, management, development of rural territories. JEL CODES: D 83, O 10, R 28, Q 01, Q 18.

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