Darbas, kaip viena pagrindinių tėvo ir vyro santykį su visuomene bei šeimA keičiančių sąlygų. Moters vaidmuo įsiliejUS į darbo rinkĄ

Andrius Vaitkevičius


A man living in an ultramodern society is increasingly questioning the meaning of his own existence, which is closely related to the finding of the answer of his own identity and the understanding of his place in the family and the society. In this process the very important place goes to the question of males self-realization in the labor market and to the way how a woman enters in to the labor market. The relationship between these two protagonists – the man and the woman – and the correlation of that relationship is what brings the man or the father to identity crises. The influence of the labor market is one of the most important factors contributing to identity crises in the sphere of been a male and in the sphere of being a woman. In this article we will analyse the changes of the ultramodern society, which have their connection with the transformations in the labor market and their influence on the men and the fathers of the ultramodern society.KEY WORDS: job, labor market, identity crisis, parenting crisis, masculinity crisis, female work, relationship, gender equality.

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