Acta Historica Universitatis Klaipedensis

Acta Historica Universitatis Klaipedensis (ISSN 1392-4095) is an international biannual, peer-reviewed serial publication published from 1993 by the Centre for West Lithuanian and Prussian History, and from 2003 by the Institute of Baltic Region History and Archaeology of Klaipėda University. Volumes in the series contain thematically related articles dealing with the history of Lithuania and East Prussia from the Middle Ages to the present day within the context of the wider Baltic Region. Special attention is paid to relations with neighbouring (German, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian and other) cultures. The volumes contain reviews of Lithuanian and foreign published studies, also source publications equipped with professional commentaries.

Articles published in Acta Historica Universitatis Klaipedensis series are indexed in EBSCO Central & Eastern European Academic Source (since 2007), EBSCO Historical Abstracts; Historical Abstracts with Full Texts (since 2006), Index Copernicus (since 2009).

Vol 37 (2018)

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Marius Ščavinskas 7-12
Įvadas PDF
Marius Ščavinskas 13-17
Sclavos, qui dicuntur abodriti, wilzi et surbi. Notes on the Tribal Organisation of the Polabian Slavs PDF
Jan Tomášek 21-40
Some Comments on the Formation of Medieval Warriors in Baltic and Finnish societies (in the 12th and Early 13th Centuries) PDF
Marius Ščavinskas 41-61
‘Power to the Family.’ The Military Obligations of Old Prussians in Warmia in the Context of their Family Ties (13th and 14th Centuries) PDF
Alicja Dobrosielska 63-81
“Krestnoe Celovanie” as a Ritual in Making Agreements and Peace Treaties between the Princes of Rus’ and Members of the Livonian Community (until the End of the 13th Century) PDF
Norbert Mika 83-95
Burials with Weaponry in the Ostriv Baltic Graveyard in the Middle Dnieper Area (Excavated in 2017 and 2018) PDF
Vyacheslav Baranov, Vsevolod Ivakin 99-127
Karys ankstyvojoje Lietuvoje: archeologijos šaltinių tyrimas PDF
Paulius Bugys 129-144
Kariaunos samprata Lietuvos istoriografijoje: nuo archeologijos iki istorijos PDF
Ričardas Dediala 145-171
(Review) Nauji leidiniai apie Lietuvos piliakalnius PDF
Miglė Urbonaitė-Ubė 175-180
(Review) The 13th-Century Conquest of Prussia Reconsidered PDF
Marius Ščavinskas 181-187
(Review) Apie naują prūsų religijos interpretaciją PDF
Egidijus Miltakis 189-195

ISSN: 2351-6526