Bandymas apčiuopti šaknis: ideologinės Lietuvos šaulių sąjungos ištakos

Vygantas Vareikis


For the first time in Lithuanian historiography, this paper examines the theories of guerrillawarfare formulated by Polish military theorists, such as Karol Bogumił Stolzman, Piotr Wysocki,Henryk Kamieński and Ludwik Adam Mierosławski, and analyses the links between Polishparamilitarism and the origins of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, and the formation of theideological views of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, given the experience of similar organisationsin East-Central Europe (Sokol, Suojeuskunta), and the links between the Lithuanian Riflemen’sUnion and the paramilitary movements formed in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Key words: paramilitarism, Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, Sokol, Suojeluskunta, ideology.



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