Antiliuteroniška propaganda Simono Grunau kronikoje

Egidijus Miltakis


The paper analyses the techniques and methods of creating propaganda narratives about Lutherans in thechronicle of Dominican monk Simon Grunau (the early 16th c.). It examines how, during the Reformation,in the debates of the propaganda character between its supporters and opponents, narratives or theircomplexes were used with the intention to belittle the image and the arguments of the opponents. It alsoexplains how the Dominicans’ common European experience of the fight against the spreading Reformationwas used in the stories of Grunau’s chronicle about the Reformation gaining a foothold in Prussia.

KEY WORDS: Prussia, the Protestant Reformation, the Dominicans, historiography, religious propaganda.


DOI: ahuk.v27i0.897

Full Text: PDF


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