Žemaitijos vardas senuosiuose žemėlapiuose: formos ir transformacijos

Laima Bucevičiūtė


The first written mention in historical sources of the name of Žemaitija (or Samogitia), thewest Lithuanian region, is well-known. In 1219, the Hypatian Codex described how Žemaitijandukes, along with Lithuanian dukes, made peace with Volhynia. Much less is known about theemergence of the name of Žemaitija on ancient maps, despite the fact that old cartographyoften provides the first records of various geographical, socio-cultural and socio-economicphenomena. The article not only tries to trace the first appearance of the name Samogitia onmaps, but also discusses its various forms and transformations, explaining the motives behindchoices of particular forms of the name. The author examines nearly all the maps createdbefore the early 19th century as cartographic sources. For the classification of this volume ofmaterial, she uses the concept of the three-stage cartographic depiction of Lithuania proposedby Vaclovas Chomskis. More than 200 maps of different scales and representing differentareas, including Lithuania, Lithuania and neighbouring countries, Lithuania and Poland, Europe,Prussia, etc, were researched in order to track the use of different names for Žemaitija.

Key words: Žemaitija, West Lithuania, ancient maps, history of cartography, geographicalconcepts.

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