The Foreign Policy of Interwar Lithuania in the Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Language Press (1917–1939)

Artem Petrik


The events that took place in Lithuania, both during the struggle for the revival of the Lithuanianstate (1917–1918) and during the years of its sovereignty up to 1940, aroused the interestof the Ukrainian public. Both nations, Lithuania and Ukraine, went a similar way in implementingtheir national state projects. As the project of sovereign Ukraine failed, however,Lithuania became important, because it provided significant support to the Ukrainian liberationmovement, and was perceived among nationalist Ukrainian elites as a historical andnatural ally. The article shows how the priorities and vectors of Lithuanian foreign policy werecovered by the Ukrainian press. The author discusses the period between the world wars. Anintegral part of the article is a list of publications in Ukrainian and Ukrainian-language periodicalsdevoted to these questions.

Key words: Lithuanian foreign policy, Ukrainian SSR, Ukrainian press, Ukrainian issue, Lithuanian-Polish relations, Lithuanian-German relations.

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