Zeugnisse der Epoche der Konfessionalisierung in Kunstwerken Livlands

Ojārs Spārītis


How were the Reformation and a variety of different confessionalisations manifested in materialculture? The article discusses this issue by presenting a dozen examples of works of artrelating to the present territory of Latvia. In 1521, when urban citizens there responded tothe ideas of the Reformation for the first time, a large part of present-day Latvia belonged toa conglomerate of various holdings called the Livonian Confederation. The religious polarisationof society characteristic of the early period of the Reformation (the 1520s) is representedin works of art discussed in the first chapter. The second chapter discusses works from theperiod of political instability caused by the First Northern War (1558–1583). It is characterisedby Livonia’s political, cultural and confessional division, of which representations can also beseen in many examples of the visual arts.

KEY WORDS: Livonia, Reformation, confessionalisation, visual art.

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