Iš Lietuvos Laisvės Kovos Sąjūdžio istorijos: 1949 m. rugpjūčio 13 d. Užpelkių miško kautynės

Gediminas Petrauskas, Aistė Petrauskienė, Vykintas Vaitkevičius


On 13 August 1949, in Užpelkiai Forest in northern Lithuania, on the border of the Grinkiškis and Baisogalarural districts in Radviliškis County, a battle by Lithuanian partisans that had a significant impact on thehistory of the Prisikėlimas (Resurrection) district took place. The leaders of the Lietuvos Laisvės KovosSąjūdis (Movement for the Struggle for Lithuania’s Freedom) operated in this district. Based on the approachof modern conflict archaeology, the authors of the article, helped by volunteers, determined thelocation of the Battle of Užpelkiai Forest (in the Grinkiškis rural district, Radviliškis County), and collecteda lot of new archaeological and historical data, in order to reconstruct the progress of the attack by MG B(Ministry of State Security) troops and the partisan defence. By referring to complex research results, thearticle gives the surnames and duties in the organisation of all the partisans who participated, as well asthe circumstances and progress of the battle. It shows the importance of the Battle of Užpelkiai Forestto the Lietuvos Laisvės Kovos Sąjūdis in 1949–1950. The case study of field research into the battle in theguerilla war shows how complex historical and archaeological research complements the picture of theguerilla war with facts and artefacts, clarifies or denies old interpretations, and leads us to new ones.

Key words: Lithuanian partisan war, Movement for the Struggle for Lithuania’s Freedom, Battle of Užpelkiai Forest, modern conflict archaeology, complex research.

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