Lithuania and its War Potential in the Literary Activities of Leon Mitkiewicz, the First Polish Military Attaché in Kaunas

Waldemar Rezmer


On 17 March 1938, Warsaw delivered an ultimatum to Kaunas. After the 18 years of non-existentofficial diplomatic relations with Poland due to the occupation of Vilnius in 1920, Lithuaniawas forced to renew them. The acceptance of the ultimatum in Lithuania heavily influencedthe prestige of the authoritarian regime, but opened a new stage in relations between Lithuaniaand Poland on the eve of the Second World War. In addition to the envoy extraordinaryand minister plenipotentiary to Lithuania Franciszek Charwat, Poland appointed Leon Mitkiewicz(1896–1972) as its military attaché to the diplomatic mission in Kaunas. Having scrupulouslydocumented his life and service, Mitkiewicz observed Lithuania both before and afterhis appointment. He also conducted numerous political-military analyses, trying to assess thedirection of international and geopolitical events. The article gives an overview of Mitkiewicz’snotes on Polish-Lithuanian relations, and Lithuania and its war potential both before and afterthe 1938 ultimatum.

Key words: Lithuanian-Polish relations, war potential, Lithuanian armed forces

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