Lietuvos kariuomenės kovinė parengtis 1935–1940 metais

Lina Kasparaitė-Balaišė


Combat readiness is the state of the armed forces and their ability to carry out combat duties.Combat training was performed in the Lithuanian army during all the period of the existenceof the independent state. However, at the beginning of the 1930s, a qualitative change in combattraining could be noticed, and it was implemented even faster after the military modernisationof the army started in 1934–1935. Since the main indicator showing combat readinessis army exercises, this article aims to evaluate the Lithuanian army’s combat readiness afterthe 1934–1935 reorganisation. In order to achieve this aim, the joint field exercise that wasexecuted at the Gaižiūnai training ground in the summer, and the strategic-scale training exercisescarried out in the autumn, a large army field exercise, are analysed. The article discusseshow the army evaluated the training, the skills, and the abilities of the armed forces necessaryfor the execution of combat tasks that were revealed during the exercise.

Key words: exercise, field exercise, training, combat training, combat readiness, Lithuanianarmy, armed forces.

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