Национальные части Эстонской армии и национальные меньшинства в войне за независимость Эстонии в 1918–1920 гг.

Игорь Копытин


The article analyses issues related to the participation of national minorities in the EstonianWar of Independence of 1918–1920. Due to the low numbers of national minorities, they werenot treated as a serious problem in the Republic of Estonia during the war, but the questionof their involvement was important in the principle of the strategy of active defence. Thisarticle is based on a doctoral thesis that was defended at Tallinn University in June 2018. Theinvolvement of national minorities in the national units of the Estonian national army in theEstonian War of Independence is investigated from a cultural studies approach. The articleaims to show the attitude of national minorities towards the Estonian state and the army, andto evaluate their role in the struggle by the Estonian army in the War of Independence.

Key words: Estonian War of Independence, national minorities, national units, Baltic Germans,Estonian Russians.

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