The Soviet Army in Northern Lithuania between January and June 1919

Jānis Šiliņš


In January 1919, the Army of Soviet Latvia (ASL) emerged out of Red Army units fighting onfuture Latvian territory. Until its dissolution in early June 1919, units of the ASL participated ina war that covered areas claimed by both the Latvian and Lithuanian governments. The articleaims to reevaluate the campaign in northern Lithuania in the first half of 1919. Until today, thefighting on the left flank of the ASL has been seen as a secondary front, and therefore usuallyoverlooked. The article explores the plans of the ASL, the forces involved, and the actual warfare.Attention is also paid to events behind the front line, and the activities of the Soviet Latvianauthorities in Lithuania.

Key words: Red Army, Army of Soviet Latvia, Latvian-Soviet war, Lithuanian-Soviet war.

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