Acta Historica Universitatis Klaipedensis

Acta Historica Universitatis Klaipedensis (ISSN 1392-4095) is an international biannual, peer-reviewed serial publication published from 1993 by the Centre for West Lithuanian and Prussian History, and from 2003 by the Institute of Baltic Region History and Archaeology of Klaipėda University. Volumes in the series contain thematically related articles dealing with the history of Lithuania and East Prussia from the Middle Ages to the present day within the context of the wider Baltic Region. Special attention is paid to relations with neighbouring (German, Polish, Lithuanian, Russian and other) cultures. The volumes contain reviews of Lithuanian and foreign published studies, also source publications equipped with professional commentaries.

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Vol 34 (2017)

Table of Contents


Introduction: On the Significance of the Great War to Lithuanians PDF
Vasilijus Safronovas 7-20
Įvadas: Dėl Didžiojo karo reikšmės lietuviams PDF
Vasilijus Safronovas 21-32
The Shift in the Lithuanian Approach towards the Russian Army, 1914–1915 PDF
Hektoras Vitkus 35-60
On the Battlefield of Hygiene: The Lithuanian Medical Intelligentsia, 1914–1920 PDF
Andrea Griffante 61-78
‘Lithuanian Nationalists’ against ‘Imperial Russians’? Generational Conflicts between Senior Lithuanian Army Officers PDF
Kęstutis Kilinskas 81-99
An Army never Created: Lithuanian National Units in Russia and their Veterans Organisation in Lithuania in the Interwar Period PDF
Vytautas Jokubauskas 101-122
The Representation of the Great War on Lithuanian Cinema Screens, 1918–1940 PDF
Audrius Dambrauskas 125-146
The Great War in Lithuanian Literature and Memoirs PDF
Eugenijus Žmuida 147-163
References to the First World War in Lithuanian Memoirs and Publications during the Interwar Period: ‘And Lithuania moaned under the iron fist of the invaders’ PDF
Vygantas Vareikis 165-185
Lithuania and the Lithuanians in the First World War. Bibliography, 1914–1945 PDF
Vasilijus Safronovas 189-238

ISSN: 2351-6526