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Innovation And Challenges In Education

The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for academics and practitioners with cross-disciplinary interests to share and discuss their ideas on different aspects of education, to bridge the knowledge gap, to promote research excellence and the evolution of education. The conference is devoted to the advancement of theory and practice in education. It promotes collaboration between academics and practitioners.

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Quality of Education and Training

The aim of the conference is to assess the opportunities for education and training’s quality improvement in the context of global processes in a modern world as well as to get together and to support the international academic community of researchers and practicians, and to inculcate quality-fostering educational culture.

  • Improvement of education quality: present, problems and perspectives;
  • Application of informational technologies as a factor of education quality improvement;
  • Modern technologies in children and youth’s physical education;
  • Quality of social education as a factor of ensuring equal opportunities in educational system;
  • Quality of religion education in the context of global challenges;
  • Psychological aspects of education and training’s quality;
  • The significance of history of pedagogy on education and training’s quality improvement.
  • Quality of childhood education: between tradition and modernity;

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Lietuvos matematikų draugijos konferencija

Lietuvos matematikų draugijos konferencija - nuo 1963 metų kasmet Lietuvoje organizuojamas renginys, apjungiantis Lietuvos matematikos mokslininkus, mokslo darbuotojus bei kitus matematikos specialistus.

Už Lietuvos matematikų draugijos konferencijos organizavimą atsakinga Lietuvos matematikų draugija.

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